Whitney Brothers® Superbright LED Creative Cube, Sensory Light Table and Mat (WB0788)


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the Whitney Brothers® Superbright LED Creative Cube, Sensory Light Table, and Mat (WB0788), a multifunctional and captivating sensory experience designed to inspire creativity, exploration, and sensory development. This exceptional set offers a plethora of features, specifications, and benefits that will engage and delight children of all ages. Let’s dive into the unique qualities of this remarkable product.


  1. Superbright LED Creative Cube: The centerpiece of this set is the Superbright LED Creative Cube, a versatile and illuminating sensory cube. The cube emits a vibrant and captivating light that enhances visual stimulation and creates an enchanting play environment.
  2. Sensory Light Table: The sensory light table provides a smooth and inviting surface for play and exploration. With its durable construction and ample size, the light table accommodates various activities, allowing children to engage in hands-on sensory experiences.
  3. Sensory Mat: The included sensory mat provides a comfortable and safe space for children to sit or lie down during play sessions. The soft and cushioned mat enhances the sensory experience while providing a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  4. Adjustable Brightness and Colors: The Superbright LED Creative Cube offers adjustable brightness and color settings, allowing children to customize their play experience. They can choose from a range of vibrant hues and adjust the brightness to create the desired ambiance for their activities.
  5. Multiple Play Modes: The Creative Cube features multiple play modes, including solid color mode, color-changing mode, and interactive mode. These modes provide versatility and engagement, enabling children to explore different visual effects and create captivating light displays.


  • Creative Cube Dimensions: The Superbright LED Creative Cube measures [insert dimensions here], providing a compact and portable sensory cube.
  • Sensory Light Table Dimensions: The sensory light table measures [insert dimensions here], offering a spacious and inviting play surface.
  • Sensory Mat Dimensions: The sensory mat measures [insert dimensions here], providing a comfortable space for children to sit or lie down during play.


  1. Sensory Stimulation: The combination of vibrant LED lighting, the sensory light table, and the soft sensory mat offers a comprehensive sensory experience. Children can engage their visual, tactile, and auditory senses, fostering sensory development and exploration.
  2. Creativity and Imagination: The Superbright LED Creative Cube serves as a catalyst for imaginative play and creative expression. Children can use the cube to create magical light displays, tell stories, or build imaginative worlds, allowing their creativity to flourish.
  3. Focus and Relaxation: The gentle and mesmerizing glow of the LED Creative Cube, combined with the comfortable sensory mat, creates a calming and soothing environment. This can help children relax, enhance concentration, and encourage mindfulness during sensory play or quiet activities.
  4. Fine Motor Skills: Manipulating objects, arranging materials, and engaging with the sensory light table promote the development of fine motor skills. Children can practice hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and precision while exploring the various textures and components.
  5. Versatility and Portability: The compact and portable design of the Superbright LED Creative Cube allows for easy transportation and setup in various environments. Whether in a classroom, therapy room, or at home, this set provides a versatile sensory experience wherever it goes.

Immerse children in a world of sensory wonder with the Whitney Brothers® Superbright LED Creative Cube, Sensory Light Table, and Mat (WB0788). From its captivating LED lighting and adjustable brightness to its versatile play modes and comfortable sensory mat, this set offers an extraordinary sensory experience that nurtures creativity, relaxation, and sensory exploration. Elevate your sensory space with this exceptional product today.


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