Blink HQ 150 Home Charger – 240V, 32-AMP, 25 ft Cord

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Blink HQ 150 EV Charging Station

Blink makes charging your EV at home a breeze with the reliable, 32 amp, Blink HQ 150 and charges up to 4x faster than a standard AC level 1 charging cord. The HQ 150 features a long, 25-foot cable reaching all sides of your garage and a slim holster to tuck the cable away when not in use. The sleek and compact 240-volt charger is compatible with all EV models

A simple mounting bracket needs a few screws sunk into a stud or with secure drywall anchors. I personally always try to sink at least 2 screws directly into the stud as EVSEs should provide a long service life with almost daily bumps and jolts from removing and replacing the charging cable.


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Home Charging

It doesn’t come as a shock, higher-income individuals are more likely to own an EV than lower-income individuals. EV manufacturers are catching up and now offer many EVs, such as the Nissan Leaf, which is affordable. But many still see EVs as a luxury.


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Install Quickly

There is no app, internet connection, or Bluetooth connection for the Blink HQ 150, and while that means a few features, the reality is that the vast majority of EV drivers simply want to charge their vehicle. Blink makes it easy, with the ability to quickly install the Blink HQ 150 and get up and running with a Level 2 EV charger in a matter of minutes.


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Sleek-Fast and Reliable

The Blink HQ 150 is one of the most affordable ways to charge your EV from your home. Whether you set it up in your garage or by your driveway, the long cable can reach any side of your EV. Its sleek design makes it attractive while functionality ensures your vehicle is always charged and ready to take on the day.


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Easy for Home Owners

The Blink HQ 150 is a no-nonsense home EVSE that, as a unit with a plug, makes it easy for homeowners to get up and running with an EVSE with minimal fuss. Its power output of 32 amps is a bit lower than the 40 amps many EVSEs can put out but still more than sufficient to provide meaningful overnight or on-demand charging for most drivers.




Additional information

Weight 14.95 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 9 × 21 in

5 reviews for Blink HQ 150 Home Charger – 240V, 32-AMP, 25 ft Cord

  1. Jaiden Cotton

    Chose this charger based on previous reviews and the blink company being one of the more well known brands along with longevity.

  2. Quincy Kane

    I continue to enjoy my Blink charger. It was very easy to install by adding a 14-50 plug and then just plugging it in.

  3. Eli Stevenson

    Simple to use, no crazy advance interface just plug in to my car and boom it works. Hard button timer work very well and are simple to use…

  4. Seth Dennis

    I purchased this for my home to charge my BMW i3, it works great and does exactly what I need it to do.

  5. Deacon Franklin

    We had this charger installed by an electrician. The installation was straight forward. Although, it could have been a little bit easier if the unit could be mounted to the wall before the wiring was connected. We have now been using it for one week. And so far, everything works great with our Nissan Leaf.

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